Link to Online Services at Trinity Church Wall Street for Holy Week

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Online Holy Week & Easter Services
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Streamed From New York
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Trinity Church Wall Street in New York City invites you to join us for Holy Week and Easter services streamed live and available on-demand in HD.Holy Week and Easter Services Available Online:Palm Sunday | Sunday, April 5; 11:15am-12:30pm
Tenebrae (encore presentation of 2018) | Wednesday, April 8; 6pm-7pm
Maundy Thursday | Thursday, April 9; 6pm-7:15pm
All-Night Vigil Before the Blessed Sacrament | 8pm Thursday-6:30am Friday
Liturgy of Good Friday | Friday, April 10; 12:05-1:30pm
The Great Vigil of Easter | Saturday, April 11; 7:30pm-9:30pm
Easter Festive Eucharist | Sunday, April 12; 11:15am-12:30pmTo access the live stream, visit 5-10 minutes prior to the event. At the top of the page under the header, you will see a white banner with the name of the current live broadcast and text that reads, “Watch Live Now.” Alternatively, follow Trinity Church Wall Street on Facebook to watch the services on Facebook Live. To watch on-demand after a service has ended, visit the full schedule at
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Message to our Church

Dear Members of St. Paul’s Church,

Earlier today, Bishop Provenzano alerted the clergy of the Diocese of a mandatory video announcement at 1pm. In essence, the Bishop issued a Directive, after having met with Governor Cuomo who strongly encouraged this, and seeing the actual coronavirus exposure numbers, that effective midnight last night, all liturgies, groups meeting in all churches and church run spaces and all outreach programs will be suspended until March 26.  The bishop also advised that, depending on how everything transpires & given the unknown nature of this virus, circumstances may dictate extending this directive to a later date. 
Please take a moment and watch the Bishop’s video about all of this. Other Episcopal Diocese around the country have already been forced to suspend services.  In the NY metro area the vast majority of houses of worship have suspended worship and meetings as well.  The numbers of those exposed have been escalating much more rapidly than expected and for the welfare of us all, we will be sacrificing our communal life for at least the next two weeks. I will be letting you all know what I know as it comes through.  Please keep an eye on your email, the diocesan website and the CDC and other health sites.  

Thank you to Warren and Ed for helping me call all the parishioners and please hold the parish, our people, and myself in your prayers. 
In Christ,

Fr. Shawn+