North Shore Historical Museum – Upcoming Events

Wednesday, April 25th – 7 pm

Long Island Golf

Presented by Phil Carlucci

An overview of the 130 private and public golf courses on Long Island.

Admission $10.00 – Members $5.00

Refreshments included

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In this 350th year of Glen Cove’s history, we invite you 
to come and see our current exhibit,


“Hobo Hound”

Holy Week Schedule

All are welcome to join us for services during Holy Week (and every other week of the year too!).

Please note that there will be no regularly scheduled Midweek Service this Wednesday, the 28th.

March Breakfast

Just a reminder that our Parish Breakfast is tomorrow, March 4, between morning services.  Join us at 9:00 am for breakfast!  Thanks to Dee Doxy for making breakfast and to Spencer Prentiss for serving as sous chef.